movie party #3

classy movie party: remember when people used to make things look nice?


i couldn’t find any info about this film. at least not in english. i LOVE the poster, though!!


yes i stole these pics from monster brains. you guys should subscribe to that blog.

3 responses to “movie party #3

  1. nataliebeth

    these posters are gorgeous
    i love the colors of the king kong one, and the design of frankenstein. the third one is the most interesting and visually pleasing, and the movie looks fucked up. please let’s watch it.

  2. I like the modern movie posters painted by Drew Struzsan (sp?) . He did Star Warz and Indiana Jonez and that kinda shitz. What I like about his art is that it’s almost photorealistic but when you look closer he definitely has a recognizable style all his own, unlike other realistic artists like, say, Alex Ross (barf).

  3. i don’t think we’ll ever be able to watch trollbruden. it’s never been released here, and i don’t even know if it’s on dvd or vhs in sweden.

    but if you keep your fingers crossed, maybe my dad has a 35mm print of it in his archives…

    also… alex ross… barf!

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