marriage, ellen degeneres, and john mccain

i forgot how much i LOVE ellen degeneres, and how much i DON’T love john mccain. how can you say to someone’s face that they don’t have the same rights as you? i’ve been studying the human rights act in the uk, and the diagnostic statistical manual of mental disorders, which until recently listed homosexuality as a mental disorder…it’s just mind-blowing to me why anyone cares about marriage to begin with, and why anyone cares about someone else’s marriage and whether it is legal or not.

also, please don’t vote for john mccain. anyone that doesn’t believe people are equal is one step away from supporting slavery and oppression.

in this video, ellen degeneres blatantly speaks, as john mccain rightly says, in a very eloquent fashion about how marriage should be a right for everyone. it is infuriating, though, that you can see john mccain just glossing over while she’s speaking.


12 responses to “marriage, ellen degeneres, and john mccain

  1. What Say You?

    I just don’t understand why the right-wing is so obsessed with keeping minorities down.
    I’m sorry, but I consider same-gender loving people minorities in the same way African-Americans or Hispanics are. That might sound a little odd, but what I mean is, how can you hate someone for the way they are born? If McCain was born gay, would he feel differently?
    How can he even run for the presidency if he doesn’t believe that all people were created equally; that we all have certain inalienable rights?
    I just don’t get it.

  2. Kind of unrelated, but I think it’s hilarious that McCain had to release his health records to prove how not old he is…

  3. Now, now. Don’t get carried away. Just because she’s standing up to Old Man McCain on an important issue is no excuse to say that you “love” her. Ellen Degeneres is a horrible, horrible person that hosts the most annoying show ever. Her jokes make Jay Leno look like David Cross. She gives stupid gifts to celebrity guests. She is horrible and you should hate her.

  4. nataliebeth

    i love her, but i love tyra banks more.

  5. i just love how old john mccain is.

    also… tyra is the worst creature invented, possibly.

  6. nataliebeth

    what say you? i think that you made an excellent point…how does the republican party run to represent the people, when it doesn’t believe all people have the same rights?

  7. Natalie, to be fair, there are plenty of Democrats whom oppose same-sex marriages as well.

  8. nataliebeth

    i personally have a much harder time thinking of liberals or democrats who oppose same-sex marriage. but sure, you’re probably right. in general, though, i would say that liberals and the democratic party are much more accepting of equal rights, and less interested in tradition and narrow-minded views than conservatives and the republican party.

  9. i think maybe ryan means democrats in office?

    for instance… both clinton AND obama oppose gay marriage.

    they support “civil unions” and claim to support “gay equality”, but both of them outwardly oppose same-sex marriage. so fuck them. they’re all the same assholes.

  10. nataliebeth

    ahh. well yes, that’s true, and it does suck. i wish we could have a democrat run who is an athiest, or at least not religious, and forget all of that silly tradition and sanctity of unity between man and woman stuff.

  11. i’d like to see a person in office who doesn’t try and run the country and control the lives of others based on what a religious text tells them.

  12. nataliebeth


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