diary of the dead…

every so often, a person you admire will do something sooo awful that you wish they had died years earlier.

greg, ryan, and i just finished watching diary of the dead, the latest zombie film written and directed by george a. romero. and i feel betrayed and somewhat violated. sure… land of the dead wasn’t the greatest film, especially compared to night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, and day of the dead, but it was still fun to watch. diary, however… ugh.

the story is shit, the dialogue is worse, and i’m pretty sure that the cast was chosen by lottery number.


here’s the official trailer. THE END.

the good news: there’s a diary of the dead sequel scheduled for release in 2009!!!!

let’s try and ignore the new romero, and just remember when he was good at stuff.

here’s a list of romero films that i can personally gaurantee are time well spent:

night of the living dead ( 1968 )

the classic zombie film inspired by richard matheson’s “i am legend”. (great book, by the way)

the crazies (1973)

basically another zombie film. minus living dead. “The military attempts to contain a manmade combat virus that causes death and permanent insanity in those infected, as it overtakes a small Pennsylvania town”

martin (1977)

a movie about a guy who believes he’s a vampire.

dawn of the dead ( 1978 )

the classic zombie film set in a mall. remember? there was a remake back in 2004. fuck that.

Knightriders (1981)

i’m not sure how to explain this one. it’s about a group of motorcycle jousters who tour renaissance fairs.

creepshow (1982)

a collection of five short films inspired by ec comics.

day of the dead (1985)

the best film of the ‘dead’ series. it takes place in a military bunker and is tight. this one was recently remade. i haven’t watched the new version, but i gaurantee it’s painful to sit through.

the dark half (1993)

based on one of the many stephen king books with a writer for the main character. i don’t remember loving this, but i know i didn’t hate it!

land of the dead (2005)

the last of the ‘dead’ series (so far?). no, diary does not fucking count! also… dennis hopper is cool.

and there you have it!


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