chris matthews vs. kevin james

well, after that horrifyingly long slew of in-depth video game reviews, i hope this will be a relief.

i forgot how much i love chris matthews until i watched this video. it focuses on bush’s remarks to the israeli legislature on may 15. bush referred to former idaho senator william borah, and borah’s statement in 1939 in which he said, ‘lord, if only I could have talked with hitler, all of this might have been avoided,’ essentially meaning that leaders do not negotiate with enemies. obviously, borah believed that they should.

bush also said, ‘some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along.’ many have interpreted that this statement refers to barack obama, although bush’s reps have said he was referring to jimmy carter.


in this video, then, chris matthews interviews conservative radio host kevin james, and mark green, president of air america. james boldly begins by saying that bush should have been talking about obama even if he wasn’t talking about obama. then he says something about what barack obama should have done, what he didn’t do this, and states that barack obama is endorsed by hamas. the best part of the video, though, is when matthews asks james what exactly chamberlain’s mistake was (which borah referred to in 1939).
and kevin james has no idea.

this video is so worth a watch, it is absolutely hilarious.


One response to “chris matthews vs. kevin james

  1. I had to stop watching five minutes in cuz soooo annoying. James was pretty hilarious there. “You’re not gonna box me in!” Ugh. Thank Satan I was able to remember the Sudetenland issue myself or Matthews could have embarrassed me, too. :-(

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