Video Games Will Fix It

I have to write my obligatory video game post.  I mean I have been playing Super Mario World lately and while scrolling through the list of SNES titles,  found this interesting game:

Bronkie the Bronchiasauraus is a video game that teaches kids about controlling their asthma.  It’s a kind of a strange concept and according to Wikipedia, it was prescribed by Dr’s.  So, can I assume that Dr’s prescribed inhalers and this video game and then some children died because they couldn’t beat this game/learn how to control their asthma soon enough?   

I also came across Captain Novolin, which is for diabetics.


One response to “Video Games Will Fix It

  1. i remember a review for captain novolin in NINTENDO POWER. it looked SOOOO bad.

    however… you fight donuts and shit, so…

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