Right Now I’m Taking A Required Music Class In Which I’m Learning How To Play The Guitar But I Already Play Guitar UGH

YEAR: 2005

I’m not typically interested in compilations of old arcade games. When possible, I prefer to play games on their original system. This is, of course, not feasible with arcade games so I typically use MAME, the arcade emulator, which plays most 70s, 80s and (2D) 90s games perfectly. Beyond that, Namco has released about a million collections of their 80s arcade hits and most of these collections contain the same games over and over, ignoring their more obscure sequels. HOWEVER, this collection contains updates/remakes/sequels to 4 classic Namco arcade games and that’s why I bought it.

The new games in this collection are Pac-Man Arrangement, Dig Dug Arrangement, New Rally X Arrangement and Galaga Remix.  These titles are unfortunate as Namco already released completely different remake/sequel/updates but using the same names back in the mid-90s.  Each of these games contain gameplay very similar to the original versions.  The primary differences come in the form audio-visual updates and more modern sensibilities.  By this I mean the games are divided into stages and levels and that there are boss fights.

Pac-Man Arrangement: The highlight of the collection.  It’s true to the Pac-Man feel but contains several interesting power-ups, doors, elevators, etc.  And the boss fights are welcome changes.

Galaga Arrangement: I’m not the biggest fan of space shooters but watching the intricate patterns that the enemies follow is somewhat mesmerizing.  An okay way to spend 40 minutes.

Dig Dug Arrangement: Disappointing.  Not much variety.  Slow.

New Rally X Arrangement: Rally X games weren’t even very good to begin with.

On top of this there are 11 arcade classics included.  Naturally, you have Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Mappy, etc.  The only obscure sequel included is Dig Dug II but other quirky titles are ignored, as usual.  The Arrangement remixes take less than an hour to play through each so there definitely should have been more of those.

Grade: C+
Personal conclusion: Feels incomplete


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