the mountain goats AND aesop rock

let’s talk about aesop rock. the man is amazing. that’s about all there is to it. i’ve loved him since i first discovered he existed.

now let’s talk about the mountain goats. i only recently realized how much i enjoy these guys. it was the “get lonely” album that finally convinced me that i cared.

now let’s talk about how John Darnielle from the mountain goats appears on aesop rock’s latest album. he sings on “coffee”, the last song on the disc. he really makes the song, if you ask me.

blah blah blah. yeah. i know this is OLD NEWS, BABIES.

what is new news, at least to me, is the remix aesop rock did of the mountain goats’ “lovecraft in brooklyn”.

first off… the song is killer. secondly… the remix is equally as killer.

now i will make it extremely convenient for you to listen to both!!

the original:

the remix:



One response to “the mountain goats AND aesop rock

  1. nataliebeth

    this is really cool dude!

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