A Prince, A King, and A Godfather

Saturday evening, the following video was shared with Scott and me thanks to Saeed. Check it!

The video is amazing. First, you have James Brown looking like his usual crazy self (big hair, wearing a green, possibly polyester vest with no shirt underneath, etc). Then he calls Michael Jackson on stage to do a bit of singing and an astounding job of mimicking some of Brown’s own dance moves. Now, that alone would make for a decent video. James Brown and Michael Jackson together. YEA!

However, Michael goes and whispers to Brown and “insists that [Brown] introduce Prince.”

Michael, my friend, BIG MISTAKE on your part.

Prince completely obliterates Michael’s performance. Where to start? You have his entrance riding on the back of a guy whom could be a Hell’s Angel reject. Then the “I-don’t-care-who-you-are” one arm hug Prince gives Brown. Next, the interrupted “solo” (which isn’t even a solo, just Prince messing around on the guitar) just to hump the said instrument in front of the camera. Followed by the removal of his shirt with the better-than-Michael’s impersonation of Brown. Finally, Prince caps it off with the commanding of the crowd to clap only to get bored and just walk off stage, all the while, taking the prop street lamp with him.

Now, I realize this clip is nothing new, but I attempted to do a bit of research as to its origins. Yet, I could find nothing except this polished and edited-for-TV clip (which the youtube description claims it’s from 1983, which is four years earlier than the description for the rough cut version). Also, on this clip, if you watch closely, you’ll notice the sly edit at round 2:39 (compare this to 1:39 on the rough cut) which completely skips Prince’s appearance.


4 responses to “A Prince, A King, and A Godfather

  1. Bobby Ewing

    I’ll tell ya – James Brown was just a huge talent and the music world changed when he 1st came on the scene and will never be the same since his death. One of the most memorable performances before he passed was the day he met Luciano Pavarotti. If you haven’t seen this, you can’t miss it – what an incredible performance!

  2. This definitely was not taped in 1987, because of the clothes Michael is wearing and how dark he looks. It probably is 1983, or if not that 84 or maybe 85. Anyway Michael’s dancing is pretty amazing. Could it be the Apollo Theatre this takes place in?

  3. you know what the best part of that whole video is? @ 34 seconds all JB does is drop his arm & the band goes right into the breakdown… stunning. that dude was crazy with his band, probably almost tyranical (sp?) but oh well… damn they was GOOD

  4. yeah! old james was definitely as much conductor as singer! makes for good live performances, that’s for sure.

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