the cans festival

this past weekend, i went to the cans festival, ‘hosted’ by banksy, in london. i say ‘hosted’ because banksy wasn’t out front, welcoming people. he just invited other stencil artists to throw up their art in a tunnel on leake street. what started as a really low-key event somehow blew up to be the south bank’s huge weekend event, in an annoying, lollapalooza festival, hot summer’s day way. as in, i had to wait an hour to get in, there were security guards, and in front of me, there was a valiant guy who tattled on the couple who cut in line. behind him.

despite the fact that it was a city event, sponsored by eurostar, monitored by police and security, and that they (not the police) were selling programs and souvenirs, the art was really incredible. here are some photos i took, and there’s more on the cans festival website, and a video and some links on wooster collective, which is a great street art blog.

speaking of street art, scott should post some of his shit, because he’s great at stenciling.



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