europe trip: chapter 22 (the final chapter)

i’m gonna try and wrap up the last three days of the trip RIGHT NOW!!

should be pretty easy, cuz we didn’t really do much…

april 27th

we went to covent gardens again. i had to buy a thing. so we bought the thing and then we went to the super market to buy some snacks! and we went to PAUL and got some pastries!!! mmmmmmmmm.

we saw some dumb street performers all doing the same dumb stuff. “LOOK AT US! WE ARE TRYING TO INTERACT WITH PEOPLE WALKING BY! HAHA! LOOK AT US! WE ARE JUGGLING NOTHING INTERESTING! WOW! LOOK AT US! WE ARE RIDING A BIG UNICYCLE! INCREDIBLE! LOOK HERE! A THING ON A STRING THAT I CAN THROW REALLY HIGH! IMPOSSIBLE! LOOK! I’M A STATUE! OOOOOH!” oh. and they all took WAYYYY too long trying to build suspense before doing boring things. painful.

maybe i’m just mad cuz we never once saw a fire breather or a sword swallower.

the rest of the day was spent in the LSE library. natalie had to study and write some nonsense for school.

i think we ate some food later and went home later, but that wasn’t interesting enough to write about.

april 28

natalie had school. i slept in.

after i woke up, i put on a pair of pants and headed out to meet the tate modern. i had planned out my travel route IMPECCABLY the night before. but of course one of the tube lines i needed to take was not running.

DO NOT WORRY!! i figured out an alternate route. and because of it, i got to see a bunch of bridges and a big ship! not bad, eh?

the tate was pretty cool. i didn’t take any pictures, though. they had a good collection of francis bacon. remember him? the des moines art center has this cool painting:
francis bacon painting

they also had other great works of art.

i met natalie after she got out of school. we walked around a bit. she bought some food. we went home.

april 29th 30th

natalie had to finish her essay, so we spent most of the day in the library again. good news, though, SHE FINISHED IT AND THEN SOME!!!

we went back to her apartment and i finished packing. we spent the rest of the night just hanging out. plus we ate some papa johns pizza.

my flight left on the 30th at 625 in the morning. there was no good way to get there because the tube doesn’t run all night and the buses take FOREVER. i decided to leave on the last train to the airport, which was at 11 something. it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful. i sat around in the airport until 4:00 the next morning, at which point i was able to get my tickets and check my bags and all that. the first plane took me to germany, and the british version of driving while stupid was riding with me. seriously… these kids…

the rest of the trip was long and long and long. i kept getting paired up with fat people in the seating chart. AND my seat wouldn’t recline at all. oh. and to make matters worse… the movies were the game plan and enchanted. DON’T WATCH THESE MOVIES, PLZ!!!

this is the only picture i have.

natalie is hording the rest.

so… here you go:

why is this the only dws video on youtube?
it’s not even real dws, if you ask me.


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3 responses to “europe trip: chapter 22 (the final chapter)

  1. nataliebeth


  2. Why do you hate street performers so?

  3. eh… i only hate shitty street perfomers. i LOVE good ones!

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