My Brother Loves Youtube! #2: “Who are these funky white boys from Germany…?”

As you may or may not remember from the last “My Brother Loves Youtube!” post, I explained of the Meier family’s strange collection of VHS tapes, of which my brother had unearthed and started posting on Youtube. Well, this time around is no different. Perhaps not so strange, but worthwhile nonetheless. Back in 1995, PBS aired a 10-hour documentary simply entitled “Rock & Roll,” (not to be confused with the flashier, yet less interesting, Time-Warner documentary “The History of Rock & Roll”). Well, 2 hours over the course of 5 evenings seems like a lot of time to invest, so via the magic of the VCR, Father Meier taped some (if not all, but I can’t recall) of this documentary.

The clip selected today is in honor of Kraftwerk’s brief US tour (to which The Noising Machine’s own Greg and Cecil were witnesses) and performance at Coachella this past weekend. It discusses their influence on Electro Funk and on Afrika Bambaataa in particular.

While I don’t recall watching all 10 hours of the documentary, I do remember watching parts that covered the 70’s and 80’s and finding them quite interesting. Sadly, most of “Rock & Roll” has probably since been taped over by episdoes of “Survivor” and “Two and a Half Men.”


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