europe trip: chapter 21 (big ben and a. bird)

it’s 1:45am, and i’m currently sitting in the london heathrow airport. you see… i came a BIT early. my flight is at 6:25, but the tube doesn’t start running until AFTER that, and it would take at least 2 confusing hours to get here by bus, so i would have had to leave by 3 or so. instead, i just came here on the last train, and am going to be waiting until the ticket counter opens up.

let’s just think about better times…

april 26

this was the day we were going to go see pete doherty of ‘the libertines’ and ‘babyshambles’, but, in true doherty fashion, the show was cancelled because he is a fuck-up. yes, pete is in jail for failing turn up to probation hearings on time, and cuz he loves crack too much.

it really shouldn’t have been a surprise, and it’s a good thing that natalie checked to see if the show was still scheduled to happen. when we found out, she searched the ‘net to see if any other shows were happening this same night, AND, as a matter of fact, andrew bird was having a show at the indigO2. HOORAY! WE WERE SAVED!

we had ALL DAY to kill before the concert, so we decided to do all the ‘london’ things we could. first we went to hyde park, specifically to hang out in speakers corner. strike two! there was maybe one guy there, and he wasn’t talkin’. we walked around the park for a while. it’s a very nice park. lots of people hanging out. lots of rollerbladers. horses, paddle boats, and one man with a mustache that looked like this:
amazing mustache
it was actually quite a bit more white, and a little thinner.

we left the park and walked a bit until we ran into old buckingham palace, and as far as palaces are concerned, this one stinks! sorry. not impressed. and the guards didn’t even have fuzzy hats. and, actually, i was really annoyed with those guards. if there weren’t police officers standing around, also inside the fence, but closer to the tourists, then MAYBE there would be a reason to have guards, but as it is now, the guards are NOTHING but a lame thing for people to point at, watch for 30 seconds, and quickly get bored of.

we saw two more london things before catching a train to the show. the first was westminster abbey (MUCH cooler than buckingham place or whatever), the second was BIG BEN! big ben, and his friends, the houses of parliament were impressive. we didn’t go inside (i don’t even know if you can) either of these london things, but i bet they’re really cool inside too.

now a quick show review…

we missed the first band. kinda on purpose. we were hungry, and we had listened to a couple songs online and didn’t care for them. so… we ate at some wanna-be mexican joint that was BORING. we’ll just pass that boring on to the first band, since this is a review of the show, not the food. the second band was NOT GOOD. lonely, dear was their name, boring and predictable was their game. andrew bird came on next. he was VERY good. it was just him, his violin, his guitar, and his pedals. my favorite thing about his set was that he played all the songs slightly different than how they are on the albums. i think it’s really cool when artists do this. it makes it hard to sing along, so i could see how some people might NOT like it, but i feel you really get something more out of hearing the songs performed in a new way.

the ride home was LONG. very very very long. and all the buses we took were PACKED with people. like… so packed that people at bus stops along the way couldn’t get on to join us in our misery. don’t worry. we made it home safe and sound.

now for a couple pictures!

here we are at the park. i can’t remember what made us so unhappy…

buckingham palace from a corner


just some random buildings along our walk.

westminster abbey end

abbey middle

abbey other end

big ben!

those other things next to him.

little andrew bird

same guy

and here’s a video of andrew bird performing “why?” at bonnaroo. pretty much went the same way at the show we saw, except he didn’t look as scurvy.


6 responses to “europe trip: chapter 21 (big ben and a. bird)

  1. i love the photos of the big buildings, they look really great and that is not sarcastic.

  2. Well, rumor has it that Andrew W. Bird is supposed to play the 80/35 Festival. Here’s to hoping that a certain Noising Machine band gets to play that…

  3. nataliebeth

    why’d you do that

  4. nataliebeth

    ahahahaha why’d you do that

  5. nataliebeth

    does andrew bird’s middle name start with a ‘w’?

  6. nataliebeth

    i still love this video

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