europe trip: chapter 20 (mostly just collections)

kicknz and his videogames are taking over! time to compete!

april 25

april 25th was a beautiful day. we went to pret a manger, got a couple of posh cheddar and pickle artisan baguettes, and went to lincoln’s inn fields to have a picnic! hold up a minute! let me tell you about pret a manger. these guys are pretty cool. for instance, at the end of each day, they donate all their left over food to charities for the homeless and hungry, and they deliver this food using electric vans. all their food is natural, their eggs are free range, and their tuna is dolphin safe. they also exclusively use wind, wave, and hydro-electricity, and don’t air freight their supplies. AND they hate franchises.

after the picnic, we walked about 30 paces to the front door of sir john soane’s house. old john was an architect during the first part of the 1800s. like lavar burton, his style was wild, but he specialized in the neoclassical. he was well known for his use of light sources, and he put mirrors EVERYWHERE!!! his house started out as just #12 lincoln’s inn fields, but as his collections of antiques, paintings, and architectural garbage salvaged from old buildings continued to grow, he bought the two neighboring buildings and turned all three into ONE VERY BIG HOUSE!!!!!!!!

like so many other stupid museums in this world, we were not allowed to take any pictures inside. however, it was free to get in, and if you guys ever go to london, you should at least take a peek. my favorite room was the painting room. all four walls were covered top to bottom with paintings, and three of the walls (not the one with the door) could open, like shallow cabinets, revealing more paintings, both on the inside and on the parts that swing out. and one of the walls, once open, could open once more, revealing paintings hanging across the way in another room. i wish i could find a picture of this, cuz i don’t think i’m explaining it well, but it was cool. he did a lot of hidden cabinets and openings like this throughout the house, but most of the security gaurds weren’t willing to show us what was on the other side.

the basement was partly turned into a crypt filled with roman urns, funeral busts, and the sarcophagus of seti I, and partly turned into a set of rooms named “the monk’s parlour”. this ‘parlour’ was built for padre giovanni (aka father john) to use. however, this padre never existed. he was just a fictional character created by soane. but the padre didn’t just get a couple measly rooms, he also has a grave in the backyard. the headstone reads “alas! poor fanny!”, because it’s actually the family’s dog, fanny, who is buried in the grave.

i’m sure there’s more i could write about this house, but i will not. instead, i’ll post a few pictures found on the internet. please notice all the mirrors.

john soane's house
dining room.

john soane's house
library. connected to the dining room.

john soane's house
breakfast room.

john soane's house
breakfast room ceiling.

john soane's house
some stairs.

seti I
minus one seti

john soane's house
just more junk.

john soane's house

john soane's house
this is part of the monk’s parlour.

speaking of architecture… check out bldgblog, a fun site i will steal things from in the future.

OKAY!!!! now lets move on…

after saying our farewells to johny, we went to the british museum. this place is GIANT! we weren’t even going to TRY to look at everything, so we found a list of ‘must see’ items, and narrowed our visit to just the rooms those items were in. after the museum, we didn’t really do anything. maybe studied or something. who knows!?

now lets look at too many pictures…

this is after the picnic. we are so happy because our bellies are so full.

inside the british museum

and the other part. i should have taken one of the middle too, i guess…

i have been getting into clocks recently. this guy runs via marble power.

just some clock parts.

this is an old japanese clock. it uses weights. not sure how that works, actually.

our first stop was in egypt, to see the rosetta stone. however, this is a better picture.

then it was off to easter island!

large bird head

gettin’ in to trouble!

a royal garuda

now for the MUMMIES!!!

cool mask!




speaking of cats. here is a japanese cat being attacked by rats. the rats are taunting it with baby mouse bait.

cool mask!

this is bird-jaguar. the old mayan peoples had cool names!

and cool monkey pitchers!


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