Things That Really Matter #4: Nintendo vs. SEGA – the true story

I’m mainly writing this post to let you know that I went back in time and removed the Jewish Mystic angle from my previous posts.  Yes, I’m sorry to admit that I invented the mystic and I really wrote those Top Ten posts.  If you already read the lists I recommend that you re-read them as I have fleshed out many of the game descriptions and also added Honorable Mention lists plus lists of classics that were conspicuously missing merely because I have yet to play them.  To top off all of that, Scott McFerrin O’Willickers has added screenshots from each of the games so you can see them LIVE AND IN PERSON.  And now . . .


I don’t have a whole lot to say on this topic other than this: the “contest” was never as close as you or I may have believed.  Here are some head to head sales numbers for you to wonder at:

Nintendo Entertainment System 62 million vs 13 million SEGA Master System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System 49 million vs 29 million SEGA Genesis

Nintendo 64 33 million vs 9 million SEGA Saturn

Nintendo GameCube 22 million vs 9 million SEGA Dreamcast

As you can see, it was really a whitewash in Nintendo’s favor.  Even the SNES vs Genesis battle wasn’t close, which would have been a complete shock to me when I was a young moron looking at video game ads in comic books in the early 90s.  I’m not really trying to make any sort of statement here regarding quality or worthiness.  I own each of the American-released SEGA consoles and I like them a lot, especially the Dreamcast so I ain’t dissin’. 


3 responses to “Things That Really Matter #4: Nintendo vs. SEGA – the true story

  1. now do a post about nintendo’s underhanded tactics!

  2. i can only read these posts if they have pictures

  3. i like the sega saturn controller. it has a really nice feel to it.. and if you can only read with pictures this site has a pic of one.

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