europe trip: chapter 19 (our trip to middle earth)

april 24

this was the day! natalie had pre-ordered two tickets (the best in the house) for the lord of the rings: THE MUSICAL!!! yeah… pretty much the nerdiest and most demasculizing thing i could do, unless of course i had brought cecil’s magic cards to play with during intermission…

the musical was actually NOT BAD, considering it was the entire lord of the rings trilogy confined to 3 hours. it was like a very very very abridged version. with singing. but if you knew the story and characters and everything, then you’d be alright. i actually enjoyed it quite a bit. the production was really neat. the stage was able to spin, like a circular moving sidewalk, and was made up of a bunch of platforms that could rise and fall at various levels, so they could make pits and pillars and stairs and mountains and etc etc. and the charcters could walk or jump or run around on it without having to run in circles or anything. they also made use of rear projection and front projection for various things like the sky or sauron’s eye or the waves that engulf the ring wraiths, and they used fog machines and lighting effects and big fans, sometimes on the audience, to help with atmosphere and magic and such. AND… they had a bunch of scenes with people floating or whatever. gollum climbed head first down a completely vertical wall ala spider-man at one point. the dark riders were tight. blah blah blah. gandalf even mentions tom bombadil at one point, so that’s better than the movies!!! the music was done very well, and they made people DISAPPEAR a few times, and i’m still not sure how they did it. it was very well done. the down side was mostly just certain actors were not very good, or didn’t play the characters as i imagine them and the fight choreography sucked.

in summation, this is a very good time, but probably better if you are as nerdy, or more nerdy than i am.

after the show, we went to “the queen of sheba” and ate some very good ethiopian food. man… ethiopian food is good. i’ve only eaten it twice, but both times were exquisite! someone should start a restaurant in des moines, plz.

and that’s about it.

we didn’t take these pics at all

lord of the rings musical nazgul orcs
one nazgul AND some orcs

lord of the rings musical gollum

lord of the rings musical gandalf frodo
gandalf and frodo in his house

lord of the rings musical lothlorien
the fellowship in lothlorien

lord of the rings musical ents
them hobbits and some ents

a video of the toronto cast, but you get the idea. there are more videos on the musical’s website.


4 responses to “europe trip: chapter 19 (our trip to middle earth)

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s an Ethiopian restaurant in Iowa City, but watch out b/c it transforms into a bar at night.

  2. well… what’s it called? is it supposed to be any good? wanna go?

  3. It’s called David’s Place. I will go, but I want to be there when the restaurant magically turns into a bar.

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