europe trip: chapter 17 (vegan food and hinduism)

april 21

going back to london! the train underwater is short and sweet and was very much welcomed when compared to the train through france. we got into london around 11, dropped our luggage off at the apartment, and did some research on vegan restaurants. we found a fun one called the root-master near brick lane over in london’s east end.

like usual, we just got on the tube with nothing but a general idea of where we were going, so we got to see much more of london than we otherwise would have. we saw a ton of indian bakeries filled with delicious looking sweets, but passed them by to make sure we had room for the meal we came for. during our explorations, we found the freedom press bookshop, and the rough trade shop (which didn’t have any liquid liquid, but nobody does…).

okay… so back to the root-master… it’s an old double decker bus. they turned the bottom into a kitchen, and the top into the dining area. one of the guys working there looked like kamaji from spirited away, and another guy looked like a cross between andy visser (of floodwater records) and patrick fleming (of the poison control center). anyway… i got the veggie-burger, and it was SOOOOOO good. natalie got some teriyaki dish, which was also very good, but not as good as mine!!! unfortunately, i had to share. :(

so, in conclusion, next time you’re shopping for anarchist books in london, stop by the bus for some delicious food!!!

the rest of the night was spent studying and eating pizza. the end!

we didn’t remember to bring the camera with us. so no pics. sorry

april 22

our one plan on this lovely tuesday was to go to The Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in neasden. oh, and what a lovely day it was! we wandered neasden a while, quickly realizing that neasden sucks, but the weather was so nice we couldn’t help ourselves. (or we didn’t know where we were going???)

them hindus wouldn’t let us bring our camera into the temple, so… sorry. it was really cool inside! we weren’t really allowed into many of the rooms, but it was still cool. i felt rather uncomfortable the whole time, and i didn’t really learn anything at all, but… it looked neat?

then we came home, made stuffed peppers with racheli, met natalie’s new roommate and his friends, and studied a bit.

rootmaster restaurant london
here’s a pic that we obviously didn’t take.

freedom book shop london
this is also a pic we didn’t take.

i took this one, though.


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