europe trip: chapter 16 (twins and towers)

i’m gonna combine two days again. cuz, again, we didn’t do much.

april 19

alix decided to have a dinner party!!!

we got up and immediately went shopping for supplies. it was a mexican theme, so we got $1million worth of food. is that a natural cause/effect? we got 10 cans of beans.

after shopping, we returned to the apartment and made some breakfast. by the time we finished, it was 2:00. people were planning on coming by 8:00. natalie and alix studied for the next few hours. i did some internet work. blah blah.

we started preparing dinner at about 7:45. (we’re not the best at keeping to a schedule… but it’s vacation, right?) the guests started showing up, and everyone pitched in and helped complete the meal. and helped eat the meal. but i think people eat less when they’re in france, cuz we had a ton of food left over.

yeah… we didn’t do much. but it was a good day.

april 20

this was the day set aside to finish our touristy junk. we went to the eiffel tower. i didn’t really care about going. i mean, it’s just a big tower, right? we’ve all seen pictures of it. however, it was actually pretty neat seeing it up close. we opted out of climbing up all the stairs, though, cuz there were tourists SWARMING all over it, and the lines looked very painful. instead, we decided to just wander the streets of paris again. that’s one thing i like doing, especially in unfamiliar places, just wandering.

oh!! i almost forgot. we saw a group of street performers. they really wanted to be b-boys pretty badly, but… they were actually more like a middle school talent show group. sooo… it was really cool!

in the evening, we did more study time, and made brownies.

this is it

have you seen this postcard before?

THIS is it!

too bright

cold, hard steel

this is IT

this father and son pair was watching the dancers with us. 2 cool 2 b 4gotten.

does anyone know what the flowers at the top are?


2 responses to “europe trip: chapter 16 (twins and towers)

  1. i think they’re peonies. i think i thought that then too.

  2. oh! well they are pretty pretty.

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