europe trip: chapter 15 (getting a good deal done)

still playing catch up a bit…

april 17 AND 18
luckily, we didn’t do anything…

april 17 was a great big failure.

we tried going to the piano museum in limoux, but it wasn’t open. so then we walked around in the rain a bit, trying to find food. unfortunately, it was that precarious time, between 1 and 3, where nothing is open, so we just got wet.

we then decided to go to a cave up north of carcassonne, but we got a little turned around in the city, and couldn’t find the right highway out (they have really bad signs and such. it’s not my fault!). i turned into a big monster and we headed back towards couiza, to esperaza. we were gonna go the the hat museum, but then we realized that it would be closed by the time we got there, so we just went to the grocery store, made ravioli, and watched spider-man 3.

i enjoyed the film. it is cheesy and stupid and has bad acting and etc. etc., but it is fun. and i stand by that!

april 18

we got up SUPER EARLY and drove the car back to the carcassonne airport by 9. then we waited around for the shuttle to take us to the train station. our train didn’t leave until 3:20, so we tried to get on an earlier one. after a little trouble and accidentally creating new lines for the info desk, we learned we couldn’t even do that. so we walked across the street and used mcdonald’s free wifi for 3 hours. this is another thing i wish we had a picture of. we looked like such dirtbags. we had 4 tables pushed together with all of our luggage and study materials and snacks and everything just spread everywhere. pretty classy.

the train ride back up to paris was way worse than the one down. it just seemed to take 100 hours, and it seemed to make me want to vomit more. it finally ended at midnight, we took the metro to alix’s place, and ate hummus.

trying to stay out of the rain?

crueller than krool!


3 responses to “europe trip: chapter 15 (getting a good deal done)

  1. hahahaha
    this is my favorite blog entry from that trip.

  2. man. what a great trip!

  3. we did look like dirtbags, i remember

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