europe trip: chapter 14 (beach party/driving party)


2011 cet

okay… lets talk about APRIL 16TH!

the only thing natalie wated to do on this trip was go to the beach. so today was the day. we drove for hours and hours. we got to perpignan, got lost, got found, got lost again, gave up, got snacks, got gas, got lost again, got found once more, then made it. at the last minute.

let me tell you about the driving: it was pretty much all mountain driving. it was all one or two lane winding roads. it was kinda like a car commercial, except we didn’t drive 120 miles per hour. everyone else seemed to, though.

so anyway… we got to the coast. i can’t even recall what the name of the town was, but if we had gone there in the summer, it would have definitely been hoppin’. they had a boardwalk area full of awful street vendors and disgusting shops, and there was a carnival with marry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, jumper cages, and all those other things you’d find at parking lot carnivals.

we walked on the beach for a very little bit. not the best sand; kinda painful at times, but we persevered! we layed around a bit and made sure to get waves on our feet, then we left. we wanted to get through most of the driving before dark. we failed, but we took different roads home, so it wasn’t as scary as we feared it would be.

and we’re still alive.

autoroute still hates us, i’ve decided

this is NOT a giant spider.

is this iowa?

we really ARE having this much fun.

i braved this. natalie RAN!!!

is this iowa?


dangerous roads
lots of this during the trip


here we are taking pictures of the mountain roads.

this is pretty much exactly what the roads looked like. less furry is all.

and this is where we got stuck.

*road photos stolen from dark roasted blend.


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