europe trip: chapter 13 (who needs a bus?!)


1400 cet

we caught up just to fall behind. so sorry. at least there were a couple good posts from other authors in the meantime!!

let’s start with April 15th:

this is one of the few days where we tried to get up at a certain hour and actually succeeded!! we had to get up early to catch the bus out of couiza. you see, there was a car waiting for us at the carcassonne airport!!! now here’s the best part… NOBODY in town knew when or where the bus would come. after piecing all the fragments together, we waited for about 25 minutes for any bus to come. no bus came, so i gave up, much to natalie’s dismay. we decided to walk to the train station, since we would have to take that instead. on the way to the station, a bus passed us. probably on it’s way to carcassonne, but i’ll never admit it!

we had about 3 hours until the train would come, so we went back to the gite and took a nap, naturally. blah blah blah. the train arrived as promised, and the ride was BORING, but pretty. we then took a bus from the train station to the airport, where europcar is located. the lady working there was mad at us because we were scheduled to pick up the car at 10am, but didn’t actually arrive until closer to 4pm. she gave us some ‘tude and said that they rented OUR car to someone else, and she wasn’t sure if they had any other automatics. then she called one person and they said, “you dummy, we have plenty more automatics!”, so she had to give us a BETTER car than the one we actually paid for. HAHAHAHAHHA! TAKE THAT RUDE LADY!!!

we got a Renault Laguna III, and it was classssy! it even had such necessary features as automatic windshield wipers and mirrors that fold in by themselves when you lock the car. the mean lady said, “well, sorry, you’re going to have to have a BIGGER car, cuz we don’t have any of the model you reserved”, but what she shoulda said is, “because of your tardiness, we’re going to reward you with a much BETTER car!” expect us to be late to EVERYTHING from now on.

so we now had absolute freedom and a diesel fuelled key to the country!! we didn’t have to go far, though, before we came upon the midieval city of carcassonne. basically just a giant castle jutting out from the middle of the normal city of carcassonne. it was pretty cool, though. i kinda wish it didn’t have as many obnoxious shops inside, but what are you gonna do?

after getting our fill of midieval culture, such as cookies, we drove back down from carcassonne, checking out all the little villages along the way. once we got back to couiza, we couldn’t settle down, and we kept driving. at quillan, we stopped and got two giant pizzas. ate about 3/4ths of one, and gave up.

and that’s that.

gettin something accomplished

good enough

it took a while to figure out all the fancy features, like getting it started

this isn’t a joke

i don’t think they had one of these outside the castle in the old days.

i made a friend in a light blue shirt. we visted a castle

who HASN’T done this pose?

blast from the past!

we need higher walls

looking out on “the boring city”

just try and understand


gargoyles, mom!

hangin’ loose within

cathedrals are cool

cool gargoyles and trimmings


if you’ve seen one window, you’ve seen ’em all

this is actually a good photo

i think i wan’t to make stained glass

i thought this was creepy enough to share


d118. what kind of trees are these?




7 responses to “europe trip: chapter 13 (who needs a bus?!)

  1. In that ugh picture it’s looks like Natalie had slipped you some kind of tranquilizer

  2. i don’t think it was a tranquilizer, but it was definitely some drug that made me super cool.

  3. nataliebeth

    your captions just made me laugh, about two weeks too late

  4. nataliebeth

    yeah haha
    did i just not notice that the first time around??
    hahaha that was the one that made me pay attention

  5. d118 hahahahaa

  6. i don’t even remember what d118 means…

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