europe trype: chapter 10 (couiza)

this post is FOR april 12

couiza?! hello.
so, we made it to couiza yesterday. the window in the bedroom is like boarded shut! this prevented any natural waking up ability that we have, so we didn’t get up until like 11ish (i’m being conservative here). also, the bed is REALLY HARD which is supposed to be good for your back?? who knows. but we were hungry!! so we walked all around couiza, which is a small town that looks more spanish than french. it’s not far from the spanish border, and the main road is called route des pyrenees so…does that mean something? anyway, we made it to the intermarche, which is just like a small hy-vee or a big walgreens. take your pick. we got a TON of groceries which means that we spent 100 dollars on groceries, which is always good. ALSO we forgot to bring our backpacks!! and so we had to buy bags to carry the stuff home. ha!

another hilarious part of this flat is that it’s owned by british people! and supposedly has tons of ‘original art’ which seems plausible, but the paintings are all of trees. oh well!

here are some photos.


bridge just outside our flat

same bridge, different view

a typical day in couiza: barren

all these small towns are built in the old labyrinth style, with really beautiful alleyways running between buildings.  but see the shutters?  they are on ALL the windows of ALL the buildings…it’s quite strange.  and many of them remain closed during the day, and all of them are closed at night, so you almost get the feeling that they are trying to keep something out…

see the bridge??  a bit further down from our flat.

view from our patio.  see the bridge?

the river sals, view from our patio.

view from a kitchen window

a CLIFF that we found on the way to the intermarche

we bought CRUSTY bread from hot n crusty, just kidding it’s from a patisserie

the river, and a great pose

the patio door?  i’m not responsible for these photos


“the lounge”

the computer here still runs windows98; if that’s not impressive


the REAL bathroom


i’m really sorry i’m the only person who made it into these photos. guess i’ll have to take some of scott.


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