europe trip: chapter 12 (weird weather)

we are caught up!!!!

and what a perfect day to catch up on! we didn’t really do anything today. the weather was a bit uncooperative. one minute it would be the brightest, most pleasant day you could imagine, and then the next minute it would be pouring rain and blustery winds.

we spent the morning preparing the nerves to leave. eventually, when the time seemed right, we RUSHED out the door and strolled down the street to the tourism office. you see, we are going to carcassonne tomorrow to pick up a rental car, and we needed info on buses or trains or whatever it is that will take us there. the info we were looking for didn’t really exist, but i picked up a TON of pamphlets and/or brochures on various attractions and spectacles in the surrounding area. let me share a few with you: you’ve got castles and chateaus, churches and cathedrals, dinosaur and HAT museums, caves, canoe trips, a piano museum, wine related stuff, a slide show about things you can see, this abomination, and oh so much more!!!

after that successful trip, we walked across the street to the ‘8a huit’ or something. it’s just a local grocery store right next to a local bakery. we bought all the necessities: a couple chocolate bars, some chips, a giant loaf of bread, water, milk, and cashews. this entry is full of lists!!!

then we made it home before it started raining again.

in the evening, we watched the shawshank redemption:

it is a good movie, in case you hadn’t heard.
and then we played with the google image labeller game for a while.

now natalie is studying and i am blogging.

i don’t think we took any pictures today, but there have been MORE than enough lately, so just enjoy the break.


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