europe trip: chapter 11 (find castle/lose bet)


2300 cet

today we found a castle. kinda. parts of a castle, mostly. we woke up and couldn’t decide what to do, but it was SOOO nice out that we just HAD to get out of the gite. so we flipped a coin. it landed on ‘go to coustaussa and play in a castle’. from the looks of it, coustaussa wasn’t much farther then the local super market, which we successfully walked to and from the day before, so we KNEW we could make it! and we did make it. we almost got run over a few times AND we got rained on a bit AND we had to stop for a snack a few times, BUT WE MADE IT!!!

coustaussa is seriously about the size of one city block, if not smaller. most of the buildings look like they’re falling in on themselves, and, as far as i could tell, it consists of 2 men and one dog. one of the men just drives up and down the hills in his old car all day. the other just sits outside yelling at the dog. but it’s very lovely.

coustaussa sits atop a large hill, or possibly a bluff, and as we got closer to the top, we could begin to see the castle. or what was left of it. turns out it’s just ruins now, but that didn’t matter to us! we HAD to get to it. it was the plan, after all. so, once we walked around the village 3 times, getting barked at by the dog repeatedly, we were sad to realize there is no real way into the ruins. it seems to be on somebody’s personal property, and you can only get to see it if they’re hanging around and feel like letting you in. on our way out, we snuck around one of the castle walls, but i guess the castle is still pretty good at being a castle, cuz we couldn’t penetrate it.

the rest of the day was rather uneventful. we strolled back to town and hung out at the gite, studying various things. then we made spaghetti. now we are here.

here’s another fun site involving coustaussa

on our walk, we passed this one solitary grave off the road.

it said something like, “he was my second father”

there she is!!

zoom x5

and this is the city

one of our snack breaks

cool hair!

the entrance to coustaussa

the main road

one of the other main roads

THE DOG!!! (what kind of dog is this??)

there’s that castle again!

we’re almost there!


this was actually really good


i think this is the church

this is the church for sure

natalie dancing again

here we are, trying to breach

giving up

the view from the castle wall

the view from the cherry tree

tryin to get a ride down



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