europe trip: chapter 8 (stealing our way)

ugh: april 10th!!!


here is april ten…

fist thing… april 10 is molly’s birthday. if i don’t mention this, i’m sure there will be problems later… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

our WHOLE plan for the day was to go to the pompidou and eat a FALAFEL. alix knew of “THE BEST!!!” falafel place in all of paris, and, as a testament to our good fortune, it was very close to the pompidou!! l’as du falafel. it’s in le marais, the jewish quarter of town. we walked around eating falafel, looking for a good place to sit. WE FOUND A PARK!!! in this park were 2 kids, one lady with a stroller (minus baby) taking pictures, and a lot of people sitting and eating falafels. we felt right at home.

after devouring our israeli lunches, alix NEEDED cheesecake, so we got snacks. then we passed a gelato store, and we had to get that too. while walking toward the metro, eating gelato, natalie and alix were stopped by two korean ladies. turns out these ladies were taking photos for some korean fashion magazine and wanted to included my companions. i was looking great too, so i can only assume it was a magazine for GIRLS!!!

we said ‘farewell!’ to alix, sending her away to paint, while we ourselves turned on our heels and walked into the POMPIDOU. upon stepping foot inside this museum, we immediately got confused. after looking at some spinning thing and another of louise bourgeois’s large spiders, we found the line to get tickets. deciding this line was too long, we walked into the middle of some highschool field trip and gladly followed them through the two ticket taker gates.

let me tell you about the museum… natalie HATED it. well… i think she just got annoyed at a lot of the stupid art, and then got tired before we got to the cool art. i like the place, though. it’s another place i would suggest to paris visitors. especially if you can get in for free!!

being the seasoned veterans we now are, we walked back to alix’s apartment, hung out for a while, watched the ‘groove is in the heart’ video, and then went to various markets, shopping for dinner. natalie and alix also bought hairdye. the wailing wall’s new album kept us dancing while we cooked some beans and rice and vegetables, and after dinner, we began the HAIR DYEING PARTY!!! it consisted of an itunes party shuffle and two girls sitting on a bathroom floor, getting messy. you’re all jealous.

this was april 10.

gettin’ pwetty!

dangerous art.

dangerous art part2

this is our class

RECOGNIZE THIS??!!!!! not cool. stop stealin’ des moines art you !

natalie’s favorite piece.

from the back

this is what nightmares are made of

this wheel would turn every so often, making the monster twist slowly and noisily

natalie’s favorite piece

kinetic art makes your eyes bleed

paris is cute

that church in the background is the guy from montmartre!!! wow!

walk on art.


yes i will

practicing our model faces

natalie’s submission


alix and lelu

successful poses!


i found a chapeau!!!

viva la

dyeing party!!!!


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