europe trip: chapter 7 (the city of the dead)

here is april ninth:

april 9.

we spent the WHOLE DAY with alixandra’s family: ann, brad, zoe. they are cool people. brad and zoe showed up to the house shortly after we woke up. we warmed up all the leftovers in the fridge and ate a small meal. i’m not sure what ann was doing, but we were going to meet her later, near alix’s school. after lunch, we did just that!!! alix showed us where she paints and we got to see her paintings and all of the paints and painty-things, and other homemade concoctions they use there. THEN we went to a restaurant nearby where the waiter brought us 2 menus, 4 glasses, 3 napkins, and a cold crepe with nutella accidentally smeared on the outside of it (it was supposed to be a REAL nutella crepe. i.e. warm and with nutella INSIDE. plus, at no point were there less than 6 of us).

our plan for the day was to see pere lachaise (also known as “the city of the dead” because of it’s size and all the roads/districts) and montmartre, so after the quick snack, we went across the street to the cemetary. if you like cemetaries, you will like this place. lots of old graves and monuments and all the cool stuff you would ever want to see in a cemetary (minus zombies, skeletons, mummies, vampires, werewolves, ghouls, etc.). also… there are some famous people buried here. i don’t remember any of them except jim morrison and oscar wilde. we took a fun picture of alix and her family looking forlorn in front of a tomb. it’s going to be next year’s christmas card! after finding old oscar’s grave, we headed back to the entrance to meet stephanie. stephanie is one of alix’s friends.

NEXT we took the metro up to montmartre. tourists EVERYWHERE!!! the church looked really really cool, but neither brad nor zoe were feeling the steps, so we didn’t climb them. natalie and i will go back later and run them like rambo or whoever that guy was. we walked around and hung out in a park for a bit before riding back to alix’s apartment.

it was the family’s last night in paris, so they took everyone out to eat at “hotel du nord”. it’s not a hotel. it’s a restaurant. i know… confusing. it was very loud and there were lots of people, but it was fun. melissa, another one of alix’s friends, joined us there and we ate and ate and ate and ate for 3 hours. i said it earlier, but let me emphasize; alix and her family are cool dudes!

that’s about all that happened on april 9.

the sign translates to “fear street”

a normal intersection in the city

looking for housing?

sorry that last caption was so bad

this dude was all glass and iron. very cool. most are made of stone.

looks like a face?!

precious people!

axel peterson’s relative, i’m sure

this guy wins the spookiest statue award!!

same dude with a friend

just actin a ghoul!

eh? not bad!

this is oscar wilde’s grave.

i guess it’s tradition to kiss this. with LOTS of lipstick. i guess cuz he was a dandy?

another beauty!

okay. the pic is a bit small: two boys, man standing with dog, bust of some dude. YES!!!!

this is what i imagine my father’s grave to look like: man holding book.

i didn’t know we were supposed to be sad :(


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