europe trip: chapter 6 (discovering paris)


210 cet

oh bother. we are SOOOOOOOO behind.

this entry is going to be about april 8:

april 8th started like any other day. it started in the afternoon.
we got up and did some studying up on paris, decided what we wanted to do before going back to london, and then narrowed it down to checking out notre dame. there were a few other things we threw into our plan, but our plans usually revolve around not making plans. so there. before heading down towards that old church, we walked around alix’s neighborhood. we stopped at a bakery to buy a baguette, a vegetable market to buy a tomato, and then got a wheel of cheese and two cans of fruit nectar. this was lunch! and what a wonderful, walking lunch we had!! let me tell you… there’s no better way to see paris than to walk aimlessly carrying a large, skinny loaf and chompin’ on a tomato.

the day was mostly devoted to exploring, so we didn’t bother looking at maps, we just soaked in the general area of where we were supposed to end up and walked more or less in that direction. on the way we saw a lot of french things and accidentally came across some places we want to return to before we have to leave. we discovered the palais garnier (or the grand opera house as SOME people call it), some phallus, the louvre with his pet spider, and some stupid river.

upon approaching the notre dame cathedral, we were greeted by charlemagne. he’s a cool guy.

okay. so notre dame? one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been to. seriously. even if you hate christianity, i think this place would blow you away. i’m too tired to go into detail, but we snapped a bundle of pictures. so there.

we took the long way back to the apartment, mostly because we were sticking to our ‘no map’ agenda, but it was really great. we passed the pompidou, some old amazing churches, a couple of city halls which the french call “mairies”, kfc, and a restaurant.

for dinner, at 2300, we hat a crep.

this is outside of alix’s apartment.

this is outside of the outside of alix’s apartment. paris has big doors.

paris has arches.

just your average parisian street.

just your average parisian

the side of the opera house: ‘looking like an overloaded sideboard’

the front of the opera house. motorcyclists do wheelies mostly. not here, though.

that’s napoleon up there!!!! probably to make up for his short stature? he has a LARGE statue!!!!

natalie posed as napoleon

natalie does this a lot…

one of the MANY corners of the louvre.

arches at the louvre and half a head

stone lady outside of the louvre


the pet spider

the seine

constantinople or whatever his name is…

the weather wasn’t great, so we stole this picture from brian castriota

notre dame

notre dame again



mass was in progress





One response to “europe trip: chapter 6 (discovering paris)

  1. a) good shoe choice nat

    b) i want to go to paris now. thanks guys

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