Moleskine = Mole Skins?

I am not an organized individual. If you have seen my bedroom, you would suspect I moonlight as a homeless person.  In an effort to fight this, I thought perhaps a planner would at least keep my days straight.  After extensive research (i.e. I asked my friend Allison what kind of planner she had), I decided upon Moleskine. Supposedly, all sorts of famous folks (Hemingway, Picasso, etc) had used them in the past (or so Moleskine likes to claim), however that has since been proven to be false.

cause everyone likes pictures...
Anyway, being a good vegetarian and all, my main concern was if the cover was made of leather.  Surprisingly enough, I was only able to find two things on the vast landscape of the internet regarding this question. One said “yea” on the use of leather, while the other said “nay.” 

With things still unclear, I decided to go straight to the top. Or to the middle. Or the bottom. Or whoever it is that answers their e-mail address listed on their website.  Well, being spoiled with instant contact via the internet and cell phones, I expected a prompt response. That was not the case. Weeks passed and I eventually gave up.

However, finally after two months they replied. And here it is:

 Dear Mr. Meier,
thank you for your message and your interest in Moleskine products.
First of all, I would like to apologize for my late reply.
I would like to confirm you that the cover of the Moleskine products aren’t made with animal leather.
So, you can continue or start to buy our products!!!
I hope that this information is useful for you.
Please, for further information or any doubt you don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do all my best.
Best Regards,
Elisa Scivoletto
Ufficio Commerciale
Commercial Department
V.le di Porta Vercellina 10
20123 Milano – Italia
tel +39 02 434498 57
fax +39 02 434498 41

Now, I suppose it could be argued that they are simply lying so I will buy the product. But my rebuttal is, “Hey, this response came all the way from Italy!”  So for now, I am happy and trying to be well-organized.  Yet, I’ve only  had it for about a week and have written in it once. And I’m not sure where it is. Possibly my winter coat.  So I probably won’t see it again until next fall. 


Oh well.


2 responses to “Moleskine = Mole Skins?

  1. You have made this vegan Moleskine-whore happier than is really reasonable. Thanks for doing the dirty work.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t really call sending an e-mail dirty work, but I will happily take the glory. Glad to have been of some assistance.

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