europe trype pt 5

pupdate for sunday, april 6 and monday, april 7.

sunday, april 6.
number one lovely surprise: it snowed this morning, and we woke up to racheli throwing snowballs at my window.  she was SO excited but let me tell you, i guess being from des moines where the snowfall this year was epic, scott was just pissed about it and i, as usual, just wasn’t impressed.  so we went back to sleep ha.  when we finally got up, (a couple of hours later) the snow had completely melted and we were HUNGRY.  as it was sunday, most of the shops around my flat were closed, but we found this small kabab place on a side street, and ordered these immense falafels.  they were wrapped in tortillas so it was kind of like eating a mexican falafel but that was ALL RIGHT.

the falafels were actually really great.  that night dom’s dad came over for dinner (dom is my flatmate.  dom’s dad is my flatmate’s dad).  while dom and his dad went to the pub, my other flatmate racheli cleaned the kitchen?!  is that fair?  anyway, dom made really good vegetarian lasagna, and we made some salad and cooked some vegetables so it was pretty nice.

dom’s dad is really british, though.  as in, he was afraid to try the green tea i made, and kept asking to smell it and asking questions about it.  i wanted to just say TRY IT bro!  you’ll probably like it, for real!  oh well.

after dinner, scott and i looked through some dvds that racheli has.  let me be more precise.  racheli has a stack of about 50 cds that her father burned for her, from israel.  each dvd has at least 3 movies on it…i would say, of at least 150 movies, only four worked.  going through the dvds was hilarious, though, because even though some of the movies would work, her dad somehow wouldn’t have copied the entire movie?  so the end would be missing which essentially makes watching it pointless.  no END?  THE END.

monday, april 7.
my grandmother’s birthday!!  happy birthday!  i called her on the train to paris…but first……
we woke up relatively early (10), then packed for our trip to france.  it was RAINING (the weather is good and consistent, two bonuses), and we were trying to get to my bank before we left town.  we got stuck in traffic while on the bus, and finally just decided to make our way back to the train station.  when we got there at around 3pm, though, we realized that the trains that had been scheduled to arrive at like 8am were just arriving.  AND, thinking BACK to earlier in the day when we had passed king’s cross (the train station), we remembered that there were photographers and ambulances; anyway, finally we gathered that there had been a ‘suspect package’ and that king’s cross had been closed for two hours in the morning, so everything was delayed.  we were only about an hour and a half late arriving to paris, though.  yay!

we made it to the place we are staying, which is NICE.  it is the apartment my friend alixandra is renting, and she has the master bedroom (come to think of it, so do i, but mine is smaller than her bathroom).  anyway, three levels with wooden floors, and a bathtub, and a gorgeous kitchen.  her family is in paris this week, as well, but they are staying in another apartment across town that they are renting.  they had made a copious amount of really tasty mexican food for us, which was READY when we arrived and we just ate and THEN we had BROWNIES and they were GREAT.  i love her family, so we just sat around talking until they were tired enough to go home.

after that, scott and i watched cloverfield, which he liked and which i thought was all right, but i still wasn’t a huge fan for several reasons.  first, putting the camera in one of the character’s hands as a documentary type film is just an excuse to make a low budget, poorly filmed feature.  second, i understand what the director was going for, but there have been numerous movies, among them the blair witch project, that have used this method, which made it seem highly unoriginal to me haha.  third, cool acting!  i DID really like the monster, so that was the only salvagable item in the film.  oh no i guess i am really judgmental heh.

i miss some people at home and i especially miss my little nephew who is decent!

cool concert!

BOY was this place PACKED

on the TRIP

this happened on the trip



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