europe trip: chapter 4 (punks ‘r’ us)


342 gmt

so today we did better. we got up at 2pm. baby steps.

our main goal today: get vegan hotdogs. goal #2: buy a hat.

natalie knew of an AAMMAAZZIINNGG vegan hotdog stand out in jolly ol’ camden. she just couldn’t stop talking about it, so i got hungry. the bonus was that camden has a lot of little stupid shops and markets along the street, so it was very likely i would find a hat to keep my beautiful locks out of my eyes.

let me tell you about camden…

“Camden Town is an inner-city district located 2.3 miles (3.7 km) north of Charing Cross, and is famous for its crowded market and as a centre for alternative lifestyles. The area is popular with students, including those from overseas. It is also an area with a large congregation of people following alternative subcultures, most notably goth, punk and emo.”

if i was scott from 10 years ago, i would’ve been IMPRESSED with all the punk shops, as well as all the punk rockers. but… being the jaded asshole that i am, i was just annoyed by most of it. i told natalie i was allowed to be annoyed because i’d lived through both a punk AND rockabilly fashion phase, so i have the goddamn RIGHT!!

there’s just somethin about 20-somethin’ punk rockers all decked out in their punkest punk clothes that makes me cringe. i still love certain aspects of punk rock fashion, don’t get me wrong. and i still love punk rock. but… these punks that are just a horrible xerox of something that was only SOMEWHAT unique 30 years ago just annoy me. i think part of it is they’re pretending to be individuals, but dressing in a uniform, part of it is that they’re rebelling against society and the status quo in a way that really has no positive effect on anything, and really isn’t even shocking or all that rebellious in this day and age, but i think the main reason i get pissed off looking at these assholes, is because they’re taking something wonderful and meaningful on so many levels and by not understanding what ‘punk’ was, is, and always should be, they’re perpetrating the stereotype that the opponents of punk rock created. they’re proving to the world that those who were against punks from the very start were right, and that punk rock, or any alternative lifestyle for that matter, is something to be looked down upon and kept away from.

and don’t get me started on rockabilly dudes… one step away from living a life always dressed in your rennaissance fair outfit. or your anime convention cosplay costume.


goal number 1.) get vegan hot dog; eat it.


this particular food stand had closed down and there was some worthless everyday garbage in its place. natalie asked them what happened to the old stand, and they didn’t think it was a good question.

we got some sweet vegan burgers across the way. they were very good, so don’t worry.

goal number 2.) get scott a hat. any hat. a hat that looks decent.


if natalie remembers correctly, we tried on 1000 hats and none of them worked out. :(

then it rained.

we went to the supermarket nearby to escape the cold and wetness. while there, we bought some tight noodles and veggies to make stir fry. and at home we made stir fry.

racheli, dom, nico, and us two ate it. it was very good, if i DO say so myself. then we ate some cookies and nico and racheli sang shaggy and backstreet boys songs for everyone. from what i understand, this is a typical weekend here at 370a hornsey.

blah blah blah

OH!!! natalie and i watched the undersea episode of ‘planet earth’, and let me tell you… THE BEST!!! i may do some screen captures at a later date and post ’em up.

this is a canal perpendicular with camden street. it was pretty.

this hat wasn’t so bad, in retrospect.

that lady behind me could find a better one, though…

dr. pepper ZERO. after an extensive taste test, we decided they must have forgetten at least 10 of the 23 original flavors.

we’re good at doing anything


“…butt naked on the bathroom floor…”

since the hats didn’t pan out…

since the hats didn’t pan out…


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