europe trip: chapter 2 (in europe)


1613 cst

waiting at gate c18. just listening to people talk about how pissed they were about yesterday, sharing brilliant ideas of how THEY would have done things differently. i think it’s quite interesting how people can get together through mutual hatred or negative experiences. it seems that it’s easier than through sharing anything positive.

another thing i’ve noticed: if you want to keep your sanity and any sort of positive outlook on life, please try not to work at an airport. i’ve been here for over 24 hours and have yet to find one happy person working here. i guess it makes sense. it’s a stressful place to be, and no matter what your position here, people are going to take their problems out on you. even if you’re just selling bottled water at a kiosk, somehow it’s your fault that airplanes are not catering solely to each individual that wants to board it.


025 gmt

sittin’ here in natalie’s room. everything seems to have worked itself out nicely. on the plane, i got to watch sweeney todd, the water horse, and atonement; all of which i enjoyed. i met natalie at heathrow airport, and we took the tube and a bus back to her cute little apartment. it’s nestled above “Cartridge World” (where you can get all your inkjet needs filled) in holloway. i didn’t really get any pictures of it, but it’s a nice, compact two story palace. the toilet and shower were mind-boggling at first, but i’m pretty confident i got the hang of ’em now! look out london!!

in the afternoon, racheli, one of natalie’s roommates, came home and began presenting to us her brand new essential oils and creams that she will mix together in just the right amounts to make some killer body lotions. we went to the kitchen with her to help by standing around and being a regular nuisance. she mixed and matched various tones for sometime, searching for that perfect smell, but i’m sorry to report that her first experiment was somewhat… less than successful. don’t worry!! she said she’ll send the finished product to her mom. moms will love anything you make them, no matter what.

then we went to “WOW! authentic japanese cuisine” for dinner. got some tight bento and junk, and walked back through crouch end to the apartment, eating edamame on the way. met dom (natalie’s other roommate) back at the base, and ended the day with iced-cream bars and tea. purrrrfect.

racheli measuring some aloe gels

racheli likes to make things. this is hummus^

just bein’ cute!!

we’re slowly becoming the new spokes people for “wow!!”

racheli’s ring of power is being drawn to the edamame?!!

and then we all got massages..

wow!!! (not affilliated with the japanese restaurant)


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