europe trip: chapter 1


1800 cst

natalie and i are in the chicago airport. so far the trip has been rather uneventful. the guy next to me on the flight here ordered an orange juice and two bottles of vodka. they only let him have one. :(

2.) after arriving at the airport, i spent about 40 minutes looking for natalie’s gate. pretty good setup they have here.

three.) while natalie was buying a naked “power-c”, i found this old man dressed in a grey suit and baseball cap standing about six inches from a 20 foot marines poster. he was staring intently at it. so… i figured i’d join him. we stared in unison until natalie finished paying for her juice. i turned to welcome her to the poster, and as i turned back around, the man was GONE. i figure he was an angel.


1332 cst

now i think he might’ve been a devil!

i’m still in chicago. natalie is in london. IS THIS FAIR??????

last night, at boarding time, they announced that there would be a slight delay cuz all of united’s 777s needed their baggage compartments inspected. so we waited a while. or… like.. 4 hours. at about midnight, they gave up and told us all that the flight was cancelled. all 221 of us. then they gave us 3 meal vouchers (which we couldn’t use because all of the eateries in the airport close at 9) and a hotel voucher, and told us they didn’t know when the flight would be rescheduled, and that we would have to call some stupid phone number in the morning. fuck that. i waited in mulitple lines trying to find a HELPFUL airport employee. one guy, when asked what he predicted for the next day, said, “let me put it this way… i’m glad i don’t have to work tomorrow.” finally, i talked to a nice lady who was able to set me up on a 767 plane for today, instead of rescheduling to a 777. hopefully this all works out. i am supposed to leave tonight at 6pm.

so… using my hotel voucher, i was set up in the hyatt regency o’hare or somethin’. pretty swanky place. i got FREE TOOTHPASTE AND A FREE MINIATURE TOOTHBRUSH!!!!

today, i used one of my meal vouchers. let me tell you… if you’re ever trapped in chicago o’hare airport, and you have a free meal, you MUST eat at the burrito barrell. (i’m not sure if that’s the actual name…) i have 2 more vouchers to use before 6 o’clock, but the catch is that only a few places accept them, and they don’t give you any clues to which ones. so it’s kind of a fun scavenger hunt. i’m thinkin i might just stock up on bagels and take ’em with me.

at the des moines international airport: feeling good so far.

now skip ahead almost 12 hours:

room 704. kinda boooring from this angle.

i slept in THE FUTURE!!!

taking advantage of the multiple beds

it was a tough choice, really.

i was able to get some business done. trades some stocks. etc.

traded some stocks while taking advantage of the multiple beds. etc.


and finally… what better way to finish the perfect night than with complimentary coffee while staring out at the balcony?


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