a big trype

for our trip to london, scott and i shared a suitcase. in my mind, the only distinguishing feature on the gray suitcase was the pink ribbon, which apparently is the color a lot of women choose for their ribbons? i didn’t know ribbons were still in.

anyway, i made it past customs and was waiting for scott…after about 20 minutes of reading ‘enigma’ i decided to see if his flight was on time, at which point i realized that it had been CANCELED! cool. i called him and he was sleeping at some posh hotel, good work. i think it was the o’hara hyatt.

today’s bonus: one of my suitemates, racheli, has been researching how to make your own soap. great.

i don’t have any photos but tomorrow scott and i reunite so our blog entry will have twice the power.

also…is this necessary? doghous

the regular doghouse too rough?


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