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Can someone make Johnny B a writer in da blawg?

Anytime I say something about the possibility of the US being involved in a war Mr. Brower mentions that we would have air supriority within hours, minutes, seconds, or milli-seconds. But hey, I’m guessing we probably control 98% of air traffic over Iraq and Afghanistan and that alone doesn’t seem to solve the problem.


Gas pricez

Well, as you may or may not know, every luxury that you and I enjoy comes at the expense of someone else. The reason we have so many luxuries and goodies in the US is not because God loves us the most or because we work hard and others are lazy. We have these things because we used our might early on to carve out a controlling interest in the world’s resources and because, admittedly, we’re not ass-backwards like, say, SAUDI ARABIA.

A lot of people, myself included, have been crying about rising gas prices lately but our prices have been RIDICULOUSLY far beneath fair market value for years and years. People that blame the big American oil companies are confused. Yes, big boys like Exxon are making record profits but that’s just because the percentage of their take naturally rises with price being charged by their supplier: OPEC. And no, OPEC is not raising prices just for fun. They’re doing it because demand is higher than ever, thanks to people who once did without while we did with. Chinese and Indians are buying cars now and BAM, demand skyrockets.

The funniest part about all of this has to be the recent demands by W. that OPEC drill more oil. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Why the fuck would they do that? They’re selling it now at a very high FAIR MARKET VALUE. They know the oil won’t last forever so why the fuck should they deplete it more quickly than necessary just so we don’t have to pay as much here? Their response was basically: Drill your own fucking oil, USA.

If I were King of the US, or the Illuminati, or whoever runs things, I would prepare Alaska and Florida for drilling but not really make use of the facilities. I would make the US weather the pricing storm and reserve our oil supplies for 2 things: 1) that future day when OPEC runs out of oil and we can become rich on Texas tea! and 2) the future super war with China, may they rest in peace.


Some things that almost certainly don’t exist

God as understood by any of our religions
aliens that have visited earth


Soccer at the Olympix

It was 1994 when I really started paying attention to national team soccer, thanks to the ’94 World Cup, so the first Olympic soccer tournament I paid attention to was the 1996 Atlanta Gamez. The US won the women’s gold but I wasn’t really paying attention to ladiez soccer yet. The big highlight for me was Nigeria winning the men’s gold. Wow! An African nation won the tournament! Take that, Europe and South America! And then I checked the FIFA World Rankings to see how high Nigeria was now ranked and it was something like: #50. WTF?

That’s when I learned that the Olympix soccer tournament is not, and never has been, a truly premier soccer tournament because of IOC and FIFA rules that have ALWAYS prevented the world from sending it’s true men’s national teams. There were 3 phases in these rules:

Phase 1- Amateurism (inception to 1970s) For the first 80 years or so of the Olympics, only amateur footballers could participate in the competition, a rule that that was fully exploited by the Soviet Union, whose athletes, even though they were really pros, could qualify as amateurs under communism.

Phase 2 – Leveling the playing field (1980s) Finally, professionals were allowed to compete but FIFA was afraid the Olympics soccer tournament would compete with the World Cup for prestige so they came up with a solution: nations from North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania could send their full-strength national teams but nations from soccer-powerful Europe and South America could only send teams made up of players that had never played for the national teams before. This ensured that the big stars didn’t appear.

Phase 3 – Under-23 (1990s-present) The current policy is somewhat goofy – nations send their best players that are 23 or under, plus 3 “overage” players. This means that a few big stars can compete but the real national teams are nowhere to be seen. This explains why Nigeria didn’t move up in the rankings after the 96 Olympics, the Olympix tournament has no bearing whatsoever on the actual national team.

The future: A few weeks ago, the Court for Arbritation in Sport ruled that, due to the strange, half-assed nature of the Olympic soccer teams, professional clubs have no obligation to release their players for the tournament. This means that in the future, teams will be made up strictly of players whose clubs voluntarily release their players, which will result in a diluted playing level, OR perhaps FIFA will finally upgrade the tournament to a full national team tournament.


The most overrated hip-hop album

Pauls Boutique by Beastie Boys

I personally love this album but it gets way too much love and attention from music critics and writers.  The greatest offense is that these writers repeatedly claim that the beats on PB are more dense, layered, and/or sophisticated than any previous hip-hop album.  UGH.  Not so.  Remember, critics/writers, the 2 Public Enemy albums that came out before PB?  Those albums have beats that are much thicker and sophisticated than those on PB.  And the whole layered beats thing was an emerging trend, anyway.  Other 1989 albums from groups like De La Soul and 3rd Bass had them.

I think the real reason these dumbass writers overpraise PB is because there are so many recognizable samples from people like THE BEATLES and CURTIS MAYFIELD and my mom.


Beati Paoli: LOVELY TO SOMEONE now posted!!!

Beati Paoli has just uploaded ANOTHER song off of the upcoming full length, “A Sense Of Urgency” (release september 5th).

this is track #4. it was once said of this song; “it made me feel like I was trapped in a blizzard.”

Lovely To Someone

you can also stream this song on and Beati Paoli’s facebook page.

or you can add it to your facebook page or desktop players through Beati Paoli’s profile.

or you can buy it before the cd comes out on the snocap store on Beati Paoli’s myspace page.

hope you enjoy it!!


Thank you!

Kludge: Would you play with Radiohead?

Aphex Twin: No. I wouldn’t play with them since I don’t like them. It’s hard enough to go on tour with a band you like and see them play the same songs every night. It’s even worse if you don’t even like them.


The Soul Assassins

The Soul Assassins were a crew of hip-hop artists under the guidance of Cypress Hill’s DJ/producer, Muggs. The main groups associated with Soul Assassins were Cypress Hill, House of Pain and Funkdoobiest. All three groups consisted of the following line-up: a lead MC that rapped 90% of the time, a useless 2nd MC that just repeated lines here and there, and a DJ. All three groups incorporated their ethnicity into their image and lyrics, even if it wasn’t always necessarily true. Cypress Hill has always been presented as a Hispanic group but Muggs himself is a NYC Italian. House of Pain’s DJ Lethal is LATVIAN! not Italian.

All of the beats were either by Muggs, the group’s DJ’s, or a dude named T-Ray, but they were all in Muggs’ style. This situation reminds me of the old days of Image Comics when guys like Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld would hire up and coming artists and make them draw just like Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld. House of Pain and Funkdoobiest each released 2 albums before they tired of Muggs basically being in charge of their albums and left Soul Assassins. Other artists, including Fatal, The Whooliganz and Call o’ Da Wild joined Soul Assassins but none of them could secure record deals. In 1997, Muggs released a solo album under the Soul Assassins name, featuring heavy hitting MCs of the day like RZA and Dr. Dre. In the end, this proved to be the last good Soul Assassins album, as Cypress Hill became lame only a year later with synthesizer beatz. Still, the Soul Assassins albums from 1991-1997 are all very good and represent an interesting period in hip-hop.

1991 Cypress Hill

1992 House of Pain

1993 Which Doobie U B? by Funkdoobiest

1993 Black Sunday by Cypress Hill

1994 Same As It Ever Was by House of Pain

1995 Brothas Doobie by Funkdoobiest

1995 Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom

1996 Unreleased & Revamped by Cypress Hill

1997 Muggs Presents the Soul Assassins Chapter 1


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Re: Allison’s 2nd Amendment post

Fact: the United States has a much higher murder rate than other industrialized nations and a large majority of these murders are committed with handguns.

Okay, that’s a fact. I can’t deny it or dispute but I do have a hypothesis on the subject. I believe that violence has always been a vital element of our American culture, especially among common citizens.

I think the best way to test such a hypothesis is to compare crime rates between the USA and the other developed nations from decades ago when firearms were as legal in places like UK and France as they still are in the US. I know that’s quite a challenge and I don’t know where you’d even find such information but I do think you’d find that the murder rate in the US has always been higher than in other comparably developed nations.

But maybe not!


2nd Amendment Pt II and then some

So, I did some research on gun laws in Illinois and found that handguns are allowed to be registered in IL, but not in Chicago among other cities. I was aware that there was a recent lift on the ban of handguns in Washington DC, so this, of course, complicates the current handgun ban in Chicago and other cities. Maybe people were aware of all of this, but I thought I’d share anyway.

Something else I came across that I found interesting is an anti-Obama ad created by Floyd Brown, who also created the infamous Willie Horton ad. The anti-Obama ad is a 60-second clip that summarizes a few, tragic cases of gang violence that affected the young and innocent. It then places the fact that Obama voted against the death penalty for gang murders. It fails to mention that gang murders are usually committed by poor minorities and that by instating the death penalty here is more so an act against poor minorities than simply gang violence. The advertisement is really obnoxious in that it simplifies a huge issue that needs more than 60 seconds to fully explain to a viewer. The ad also uses the persuasion technique of appealing to emotion, which completes the idea that this is just a mere piece of propaganda.